Ria's SmashCakes Bakery started as a Cottage Food, home based family business in 2017.
In 2012, Maria started baking cupcakes from scratch for her friends at gaming tournaments. Eventually, with the strong suggestion of some of her friends, she decided to charge the attendants of the tournament for her baked goods .  

From that point, Ria teamed up with her sister, a photographer specialising in children & family shoots, and began creating mostly 6-inch round, 2 layer cakes for a baby's first birthday known as a Smash Cake.

In October 2017, Ria's SmashCakes began traveling and participated in their first Market, selling individual cupcakes & other treats once again to the public.

Today, you can find Ria's SmashCakes Bakery pop-up tents located in Downtown Sanford, Audubon Park, Thornton Park Food Truck Events, Markets & Festivals and even outside of Orlando comic book shops.

Our plans today is to continue traveling to our customers, and provide them with better access to our baked goods including new savory snacks via FOOD TRUCK!

Once our food truck/trailer is up and running, this will give us the ability to travel to more Central Florida areas and also give us more access to areas to help us sell to YOU!

RSC offers more than just all-natural cupcakes baked from scratch. We specialize in delicious and uniquely flavored "smash cakes", cake pops, stuffed cookies, gluten-free macarons and more! The best part is that we come straight to your home, office, or event venue. We offer a simple drop off or complete set up of your cake table at your wedding, birthday, corporate event or any other shindig that deserves cupcakes!
We also provide custom designs and arrangements for any of our treats. 

Our treats are can be ordered online and are hand delivered or catered to the Seminole and Orange County, Florida area.


Don't want delivery?

We can also be found out and about at many local markets and events.

We truly appreciate all that support us in our journey to become a full brick and mortar.